2024 MLS SuperDraft: State Breakdown

In the dynamic realm of Major League Soccer (MLS), the annual SuperDraft stands as a pivotal juncture that shapes the league’s trajectory. Beyond the thrill of selecting promising talents, the event offers a unique lens to explore the geographic distribution of soccer prowess within the United States. This article embarks on a state-by-state analysis, unraveling the origins of drafted players and spotlighting trends that illuminate the diverse soccer landscapes across the nation.

The Landscape Unveiled:

In the recent 2024 MLS SuperDraft, a total of 20 states played a role in contributing to the league’s talent pool, reflecting the expansive reach of soccer development across the country. From the soccer-rich communities in the Midwest to the bustling hotbeds of California, each state adds a distinct flavor to the mosaic of American soccer.

California Dreaming (13 players drafted):

As one of the most populous states, California continues to assert its influence on the MLS SuperDraft, with 13 players selected. Fueled by a rich soccer culture and a plethora of youth development programs, the Golden State remains a breeding ground for top-tier talent, shaping the future of the league.

The Northeast Soccer Corridor (16 players drafted):

Stretching from New England to the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast Soccer Corridor emerges as a perennial hotbed of soccer talent. Notably, New Jersey (7 players), Maryland (4 players), New York (3 players), and Pennsylvania (2 players) contribute significantly, highlighting the consistent and diverse impact of this soccer-rich region.

The South Atlantic Soccer Corridor (8 players drafted):

From the Carolinas to Florida, the South Atlantic Soccer Corridor has proven to be a fertile ground for MLS talent. Notably, North Carolina saw two players drafted – Tucker Lepley (Charlotte) and Patrick McDonald (Greensboro), underscoring the emergence of specific talent hubs within the region.

Heartland Prowess (8 players drafted):

The Midwest, often hailed as the heartland of American soccer, maintains its reputation for producing exceptional talent. With states like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin contributing 8 players to the SuperDraft, the region’s collegiate soccer powerhouses and thriving youth academies play a pivotal role in shaping the MLS landscape.

Surprises and Emerging Trends:

The 2024 SuperDraft brought forth surprises and emerging trends, with Tennessee contributing 2 drafted players. This development underscores the evolving nature of MLS talent distribution, as new regions establish themselves as sources of promising players.


As we meticulously dissect the state-by-state analysis of the 2024 MLS SuperDraft, a vivid picture emerges, showcasing the diverse geographic distribution of talent that propels the league forward. From the traditional powerhouses to emerging soccer communities, the MLS draft is a testament to the dynamic nature of American soccer. This exploration not only sheds light on the current state of affairs but also hints at the evolving landscape that will undoubtedly shape the future of Major League Soccer.


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