The Battle for Glory: High School Men’s Soccer Final Four

As the excitement in high school soccer reaches its zenith, teams from across the region are gearing up for the pinnacle of their season—the NCHSAA Final Four Playoffs. The coming week promises intense showdowns, electrifying plays, and the relentless pursuit of a coveted championship title.

The Road to the Final Four: A Season of Grit and Determination

The journey to the Final Four Playoffs has been a testament to the grit and determination of these high school soccer teams. From the early-season trials to the nail-biting district championships, each squad has faced formidable opponents, honing their skills and forging a resilient team spirit. As the dust settles, only the top four teams remain, poised to leave their mark on high school soccer history.

Class 4A – West Championship at Hickory Ridge High School 11/14 7PM

South Meck, a No. 24 seed, continues the amazing journey looking to eliminate the 5th host in a row to reach the championship match! Last Thursday 11/9 the victim was the No.5 seed Ardrey Kell. After 0-0 regular time and OTs, South Meck won 4-2 in PKs.

Hickory Ridge, a No. 3 seed, does not see a lost since 9/28. The spot in the Final Four came after a thrilling 2-1 win over Weddington last Thrusday 11/9. The Ragin’ Bulls are looking for their first state final.

Class 4A – East Championship at Cardinal Gibbons High School 11/14 7PM

Cardinal Gibbons, a No. 13 seed, upset the No.1 seed Leesville Road last Thursday with a 2-0 win. The current state champions are coming strong to this 2023 Final Four, this time the opponent will be another Raleigh area team: Apex Friendship.

Apex Friendship, a No. 15 seed, is arriving to Final Four with two big wins through higher seeds teams such as No.2 seed Green Level on 11/2 and No.6 seed Chapel Hill last Thursday 11/9.

Player Spotlights: Stars in the Making

Behind every successful team are standout players who have shone throughout the season. The Final Four Playoffs provide a spotlight for these rising stars to showcase their skills under the pressure of high-stakes matches. From goalkeepers making breathtaking saves to forwards displaying clinical finishing, the players will be the heartbeat of the Final Four. MVP award for each final match, the perfect spotlight for college soccer aspirations.

Community Spirit: Rallying Behind the Hometown Heroes

The Final Four Playoffs aren’t just about the players on the field; they’re a community event that unites students, families, and local supporters. The stands will be a sea of school colors, echoing with chants and cheers as fans rally behind their hometown heroes. The sense of pride and unity within the community adds an extra layer of emotion to an already exhilarating atmosphere.

How to Follow the Action:

For those unable to witness the matches in person, NFHS Network will stream live the matches, please CLICK HERE. Also on demand games are available if interested to watch past performance.

To follow live bracket scores, please CLICK HERE.

In Conclusion: A Week of Soccer Splendor Awaits

As the high school soccer community braces for the Final Four Playoffs, anticipation hangs in the air. The coming week promises a celebration of skill, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of these young athletes. May the best teams prevail, and may the Final Four Playoffs be remembered as a testament to the enduring magic of high school soccer. The stage is set; let the games begin!

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