Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are not planning to allow students to participate in sports this fall

Today the news around Charlotte-Mecklenburg county was about the cancellation of Fall sports. It’s not a fake news, the original intention from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is very explicit in the survey answer sent to NCHSAA.

We got a copy from the survey answer:  “CMS Responses to NCHSAA Survey

The question 4 “Under Plan C, will you allow your students to participate in NCHSAA sports and athletic programs?” got a very bold answer as NO.

The NCHSAA will make an official announce by August 17 for the tentative date to kick-off the season.

It is not clear, however, if there will be any high school soccer or fall sports played in North Carolina in 2020. Eight states, including Maryland and Virginia, have already moved fall sports to spring. So do not be surprise if the Fall sports in North Carolina schools move to Spring.



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