GoalNC Enabling The Metaverse with AI-Driven Avatars

Many of us have recently faced a deluge of buzzwords like Web 3.0, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and, of course, the metaverse. And while much of it might seem incomprehensible for now, they’re not to be discarded as another tech fad.

In particular, the recent progress in the field of artificial intelligence is opening up new opportunities that are sure to greatly impact human experience in the upcoming era of virtual worlds, also known as the metaverse.

Thinking ahead from a hobby channel about soccer, using the metaverse tools available, I set out the vision for the future of media, and our part in making sure GoalNC progresses in an impactful source of information around soccer fans in North Carolina.

From virtual goods to burgeoning new digital worlds, technology is again pushing the boundaries of human experience into unchartered territory. Not only that, but the rapid expansion of cheap and powerful computing power has seen the massive digitalization of world objects and processes. More recently, humans themselves are being digitized in the form of virtual avatars.

AI video creation is a time and cost-efficient alternative to the complex and costly traditional video creation processes. I decided to explore this new technology creating the first GoalNC AI avatar: Nick Kuntz!

His first assignment was to explain how works the MLS NEXT, please check here his performance in our brand new YouTube channel: MLS NEXT Explained

The world of content is rapidly changing. In recent years ‘synthetic media’ has emerged as a catch-all term used to describe video, image, text and voice that has been fully or partially generated by computers. The ability for AI-driven systems to generate audiovisual content is, in our minds, one of the most exciting developments enabled by recent progress in deep learning.

And artificial intelligence is giving a new meaning to the creation of virtual people by pushing the boundaries of technology to yet again a new frontier – AI lifeforms.

AI-powered avatars can serve endless purposes, from being hired out by real-world companies to teach new employees, to serving as trusted confidantes in the metaverse, or to bring you the right piece of information to enhance your soccer skill, knowledge or just a quick news what’s going around.

Hope the GoalNC fans enjoy this new journey. More to come in few weeks, be ready to meet new AI staffs in GoalNC!

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